Community Infopoint (“CIP”) provides an innovative, aggregated and interactive digital platform for Government, local community stakeholders, local businesses and advertisers to trade, shop and share information with hard-to-reach consumers living and working in local UK communities. The digital platform of community apps will be accessible through multiple devices –ruggedized tablets, smart phones and the PC.


CIP is positioned and marketed as a Community Service – a collaborative digital platform that invites local communities to develop their own community apps to accommodate their local needs. We ensure the content is relevant and adds value to the citizen. It is important for us to adopt a bottom up approach and invite local communities to have shared ownership.


We are currently conducting a small proof of concept pilot in partnership with Your Square Mile and Tower Hamlets Council in four Idea Stores. This will enable us to demonstrate there is a community need for such a service.


As it grows, the platform will look to exploit the opportunity around the emerging sector of collaborative consumption services and matching these with community assets that are idle and available.


Community Infopoint is seeking collaborative partnerships with leading UK brands that have a strong social purpose. For further information, please contact Gary Coyle, CEO at

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